Silk Island

Cambodia has a lengthy silk-weaving history that stretches back to pre-Angkorian times. For this reason, my 5 days trip to Phnom Penh which I spent a day to Silk Island (Koh Dach) - it sits upstream on the MeKong near Phnom Penh.  

What impressed me of this day trip is not to learn the process of plumping up of the silk worms with mulberry leaves, spinning the yarn and dyeing techniques to seeing the final product. Instead is my visit to a little shop which had gone through five generations and their persistent to operate this business even though it is difficult to sustain.   I looked at the owner's mother (around 80 +) spinning the yarn with the silk half way done and I can imagine the final silk product come from this lady with the accumulated techniques gained through different generations.  This inspires me and one day, I'll have my own perfume, from a generation to the next and next.... 


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