Power of Scent

Spending too much time at home these days? :)) Do you believe in the power of scent to increase your energy level and drop you into a calm place? Why don't you just immense yourself at home with sentiment fragrances. There are plenty of ways to scent your home to create a "hygge" vibe.  

Scent is powerful and deeply tied to your brain and your emotions. It's a fantastic way to instantly shift your mood and also the vibe of your home. To me having a nicely scented home is an instant mood booster and create some "character" to my home. A beautiful scent diffuser add "ambient" scent into the air & let you feel at peace immediately.  It's possible to create this kind of vibe at home - all you need is a diffuser and your own favour....eucalyptus, lavender, basil, bergamot, woody, ... whatever you feel - that's the one... :) check it out for our upcoming Home Scent corner!



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